FR Embroidery Guidelines


FR Clothing Direct Embroidery Options 


When it comes to personalizing your FR gear, many companies & individuals want to embroider their logo or name to make their brand known. Benchmark FR has you covered with our in-house direct embroidery services.  


File Formats:   .tif, .ai, .psd, .png, .dst, .emb, .jpeg, .eps, .svg, .pdf, and .bmp, logo file formats.  (DOUBLE CHECK with Omar) 


Thread Colors:  We carry a huge selection of thread colors and guarantee that our applications will be of the highest quality and color accuracy.  If you have specific pantone colors please let us know. To offer more color options at the best prices, we standardize the use of synthetic non-FR thread.   


FR Thread:  Upon request we can use flame resistant thread.  There is no code or industry requirement for FR threads, including NFPA 2112 or ASTM F1506. However if you require FR Embroidery thread we will make it available.  The spectrum of colors available with FR thread is limited and its best to contact us for pricing and color availability.  


Logo Size: Each logo can only be a maximum of 16in2 (a 4” square)You can have more than one logo but no more than three* logo’s on a Benchmark FR products.  All of the logos must fit into an area the size of a 6” square. For large logos please consider our flame resistant printing as an option.  

* The code allows for five logos in total but we have two logos attached to the outside of most garments for code and branding.  


Benchmark’s Embroidery Guideline & Commitment to Safety 


At Benchmark FR, safety first is our foundation! We comply with stringent industry guidelines for all synthetic thread embroidery, patches and logos. This allows us to directly embroider company logos and names on our FR apparel while mitigating against peril and meeting FR industry compliance. 


To learn more about industry standards on FR embroidery, read below. 



OSHA does not have specific regulations regarding embroidery on FR and AR clothing. They recommend reviewing the ASTM standards to help determine embroidery requirements. 



The National Fire Protection Association also does not prohibit the use of non-FR thread embroidery, they were the first, in their 2018 edition, to give specific guidelines on adding non-FR logos and emblems your arc and flame resistant clothing. Below is from Chapter 7. 


Labels and emblem shall not be required to be tested for heat resistance. 


If non-flame-resistant emblems are attached to the exterior of a garment, the maximum number should be five with no individual emblem covering an area greater than 103 cm2 (16.0 in.2) or total area from all these emblems covering an area greater than 258 cm2 (40 in.2). 


ASTM F1506 

When ASTM F1506 was revised in 2019 they gave additional guidance to non-FR patches and logos.  They mirrored the requirements from NFPA 2112.  Below is an expert from the Standard Performance Specification for Flame Resistant and Electric Arc Rated Protective Clothing Worn by Workers Exposed to Flames and Electric Arcs.  


Logos, name tags, and other heraldry, such as brand names, flag patches and company award insignias, are used to identify the organization and individual. If these items are not made from flame resistant materials and are attached to the outside of an arc rated garment, their overall area should individually occupy no more than 16 in.2 and in total occupy no more than 40 in.2.