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Printing & Embroidery Guide

In-house services

We have you covered with our in-house direct embroidery services. We can simply digitize your logo for embroidery or bring your idea to life by creating original vector artwork. Just submit your logo idea or artwork and we do the rest.


We carry a huge selection of thread colors and guarantee that our embroideries will be high quality and color accurate. Samples for approval available upon request.


To offer embroidery at the best prices, we standardize by using synthetic threads. Please note that FR thread is not required for FR clothing embroidery. FR thread is available upon request. Colors may be limited.

pick your placement

Use the guides below to choose the logo placement that works best for you.

Enhanced Vis Embroidery Locations
coverall embroidery locations
Vests embroidery locations

FR Embroidery Guidelines

Personalize your FR gear. Embroider your company logo or name and make it your own.


OSHA does not have specific regulations regarding embroidery on FR and AR clothing. They recommend reviewing the ASTM standards to help determine embroidery requirements.

ASTM F1506—10a does not prohibit the use of synthetic thread. Recommendation: If (logos) are constructed of non-flame-resistant materials (such as polyester or rayon), their overall area should be minimized on the garment. For example, large company logos across the back of the garment should not be applied. In addition, the use of several logos over the entire garment should be avoided.


The National Fire Protection Association also does not prohibit the use of non-FR thread embroidery. Section 1.3.4: The requirements of this standard shall not apply to accessories that might be attached to flame-resistant garments. Section Labels and emblems (logos) shall not be required to be tested for heat resistance. The 2023 NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E standards also state that if non-flame-resistant emblems are attached to the exterior of a garment, the maximum number should be five with no individual emblem covering an area greater than 16 in.sq. or the total area from all these emblems covering an area of greater than 40 in.sq.

ready to embroider?

Simply go to the product page you are interested in and start shopping. Choose the embroidery options you prefer and follow the prompts to complete your order.

FR Printing guidelines

Stand out on the job. Personalize your FR gear with printed logos or your own custom design.

Benchmark FR Prints

Benchmark FR T-shirts that are printed in-house may look more subdued than store bought T-shirts. Our water-based ink process is not as vibrant as traditional plastisol ink printing. The photo example above shows a colorful design that is printed without a white base, making the colors look translucent. Prints will be colorful, but not as vibrant as plastisol prints.

Traditional Prints

Traditional screen printing can achieve more vibrant results using plastisol inks. Plastisol is not recommended for FR clothing because it can be flammable. Using a white ink base under a color design helps the colors look as bright as possible. White water-based ink, when compared to white plastisol is not as vibrant, resulting in an overall subdued finished product.

ready to print?

Head over to the Custom T-Shirt page and start shopping. If you're ready to brand your gear but have more questions, please contact us! We can help answer any questions you have.

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