CA Supply Chain Act

Business the Right Way

We manufacture finished product in the United States as well as other countries. We manufacture and source goods and raw materials in North America, Asia and Europe. We sell products around the world where our customers expect Benchmark brand products to be developed and produced in a responsible manner.

Honest Wages for Honest Work

Products manufactured in the United States are done with labor and employees that are paid a living wage in state-of-the-art facilities which are clean, safe and offer a pleasant work environment.

Our primary overseas partner has committed to a ground breaking Corporate Responsibility Policy which commits them to the betterment of local society. This is done by upgrading the standards of five schools which educate over 900 students every year and provide vocational training. 1200 people have been provided with improved communities, housing and clean drinking water. Lastly, our partner has worked closely with the Better Cotton Initiative, a Swiss organization working to reduce the environmental impact on growing cotton. This pioneering effort provides 1200 farmers on over 10,000 acres of land, a model and contract so they can produce sustainable cotton at a fair wage and while reducing the impact on the environment.

Human Trafficking and the California Supply Chain Act

Benchmark Clothing Company looks at the risk of human trafficking and slavery related to the clothing supply chain that is known to exist in countries with poor labor laws and history of trafficking. We refuse to work in some countries because of the uncertainly of their labor practices. We require that all manufacturing facilities adhere to local labor laws as well as a documented code of ethics. Benchmark will not knowingly conduct business with any supplier that uses forced labor or compulsory labor to manufacture products or components.

Purchasing agreements require compliance with all laws of the country, accepted international standards and trade regulations. We will not knowingly conduct business with suppliers who violate our position on these matters.

Benchmark quality control, production managers and the owners routinely visit suppliers, outside of our company run facilities, to ensure awareness of our policy and concerns surrounding human trafficking, slavery and poor working conditions. We will immediately terminate the business relationship if suppliers are found to be engaged in any of these practices or activities.