Benchmark FR Serial Numbers

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If you’ve purchased an item from Benchmark FR and read the clothing tag, you might have noticed a serial number. While you might have not given it a second thought, that number is very important to us. Unlike other FR brands who track their productions by a lot number or anecdotal information about 60 touch points. We are the only flame-resistant clothing manufacturer to develop a serialized tracking system for our full line of FR shirts, pants, coveralls and jackets. We know everything about your Benchmark FR garment and can prove it.

Why Is This Important?


If you are tracking by lot number, in the event of a product failure, that can create poor traceability. It becomes increasingly difficult for the customer to know that they might have an article of clothing that might be recalled. That serial number holds detailed data for the individual garment, fabric roll, test data, production lot and more. While we have never had a recall or product failure in our history, in the event that it were to happen we would be able to alert our customers quickly.


We are the first “FRC” manufacturer to use a comprehensive system to extend a warranty ranging from one year on clothing to unconditional lifetime on accessories. We also offer a free repair warranty for one year from the day it ships. If you rip or tear you Benchmark FR item, we will repair it for you free of charge for one year, even if the damage is caused by you.

Counterfeit Products

Unfortunately, counterfeit products are common in the clothing industry and FR is no exception. In the event you purchased a product and are not sure if it is legitimate, we can tell you based on the serial number.

While some people might think we go to a lot of trouble to do this, we don’t think it is any trouble at all. Our goal is to always make the best FR clothing possible.

Check Warranty Or Recall Status

All Benchmark FR garments (shirts, pants, coveralls and sweatshirts) come with a one-year free repair or replacement warranty.  If you are not sure how long you've had the garment, please completed the form below.  Make sure to fill out all form fields including the garment serial number which is located on the interior tag of the garment.  

Also, in the event of a recall, you can find out if your item has been affected by completing the form.