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Benchmark in the Basin

Benchmark in the Basin

As new exhibitors of the Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) Benchmark FR were given a warm West Texas welcome. While the show was hosted at the Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, we stayed in the neighboring city of Midland, gaining a broader perspective of who would benefit most from our products. We were not alone in this decision, finding fellow exhibitors and attendees packed into our hotel over 20 miles from the venue.  

Our FR Hawaiian shirt made quite the splash on day one, prompting us to transform our contact information signup sheet into a giveaway raffle.  Congratulations to Harrison , Orlando, and Dakota, the lucky winners and now proud owners for an FR Hawaiian shirt.  Our graphic neck gaiters and bandanas turned heads. Our Texas and Mexican flag styles were warmly received as attendees piped up about dust and wind protection needs.  After meeting hundreds of people who wear FR every day, it was clear that there is plenty of room in the Oil & Gas industry for light, breathable FR apparel that's made by American workers just like the good people we met at Permian Basin Show. 


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