Is NFPA 2112 A Requirement?

nfpa 2112 compliance garment tagAt the time of this post only one state had officially adopted this code; Wyoming.

Despite the misconception, NFPA 2112 is not required by OSHA. It is a voluntary. 

This PPE code is different from other codes which protect against a higher potential threat because it has "unique" tests which are not standardized ASTM tests.

It is rumored that the authors of NFPA 2112, back in the 1990's, were influenced by manufacturers who were trying to create an environment that would force certain products to be excluded; e.g., wool and knits.

The code is very strict in some areas and very dangerous in other areas. For example, there is a stringent "vertical edge distance, compared to the 6" allowed by other codes. Unfortunately it allows for 50% body burn which will guarantee you're in the hospital and fighting for your life in the event of a hazard.

It is our position that NFPA 2112 does not make an FR garment any safer, however many Benchmark FR products are certified to the NFPA 2112 standard.

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