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Support remaining manufacturers holding the line. We are committed to making quality FR clothing and accessories manufactured in the United States. We supply clothing for welders, linemen, utility, solar technicians, windmill technicians, oilfield and refinery workers to name a few. Thanks for your support of American made!

Exposing the Fakes 

Flame resistant companies are popping up selling flammable products made in China. As experts in flame resistant apparel, we are holding the fake's feet to the fire with burn tests.


Fake FR Catches Fire

We did a common sense check on this FR shirt after a friend told us about this new FR brand. This is what we found.  Beware of fraudulent flame resistant clothing from companies like KNOX. Stop putting profits before safety. Beware of made in China FR.  Know what to look for on your FR Clothing.


Burn Test Comparison.

After exposing the KNOX FR shirt we wanted to directly compare our FR T-Shirt with theirs for educational and safety purposes.


Stolen certifications & lying lables. 

John exposes L4 FR, another FR company selling fraudulent products. L4 upped the ante by stealing another company's UL certification.

Pivoting in a Pandemic 

At the height of the covid 19 outbreak, our manufacturing pivoted to producing a new FR mask with a stringless design. 

USS Theodore Roosevelt Needed Masks ASAP. 

Fighting COVID with Benchmark FR

When the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) had a break-out of Covid-19 on their ship.  Benchmark FR stopped everything and made flame-resistant masks for the men and women serving our country. Made in USA.

FR Ninja Mask  - No Strings Attached

A mask of our own making

Flame Resistant Face Masks that are not miserable to wear. Made in USA. 

5 Uses for FR Masks....After Covid 

Stolen certifications & lying lables. 

Our research and development team has come up with five ways to upcycle your FR Ninja Masks. You are going to want to keep them handy for important uses like shining your balls! 

Behind the scenes of U.S. manufacturing

An up close look at our factory producing the latest and greatest flame resistant apparel

Demystifying FR Maintenance

John explains the proper cleaning process of FR

Benchmark Original Stories 

On September 17, 2017, Benchmark FR was the victim of a fire which started in the building next door. Two years later, in spite of multiple obstacles, we are still manufacturing arc and flame resistant clothing in the United States.

Curtis Helms, otherwise known as the Bull Grunt, gives us a candid look at his life and what motivates him as a second generation electrical lineman. Curtis shares the dangers, the pride, and a very personal story about his father.

"If you work on that line we are brothers." - Curtis Helms.