Why We Do It

Benchmark FR Production Floor

We Are The Manufacturer

Unlike most FR brands, we are an actual manufacturer, not a sourcing office or 3PL company. We control the entire process under our own roof, including design, cutting raw material, sewing and construction, embellishing, quality control and finally shipping to the customer.

We also R&D our own materials, as well as source components from other USA suppliers. We do all this to make the best FR gear possible.

Flame Resistant Jean Pocket with Benchmark Logo

Supporting Made In USA

When you support one USA manufacturer, you are supporting the entire supply chain network that feeds them. It’s become evident in recent years, more than ever, that American manufacturers need bolstering for the long term. We purposely source components from other USA suppliers whenever possible. We would like to give a special shout-out to All American for recognizing us on their Work Clothes Made in the USA feature.

Challenge: If you wear FR at work, look at the inside labels to see where it was made. Most likely it was made in another country.

“We are one of the last FR manufacturers that can proudly say Made In U.S.A. We make 100% of our products in-house, in Santa Ana, California”

Elevating USA Manufacturing

Garment manufacturing in the USA has endured a long-lasting stigma, left over from an era when workplace practices were sub-par. Every day we work tirelessly to erase that stigma.

As a modern-day manufacturer we understand that workplace standards and efficiencies are a must, to both elevate manufacturing and to also be competitive. We believe in adopting advanced technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and further education and training for our entire team.

We follow Lean principles, used in the automotive industry. Operators are cross trained, can work in cellular modules and understand the concept of eliminating waste during production. When you visit our facility, you will see an organized, efficient well-oiled manufacturing facility. To us, always improving is non-negotiable.

American Flag Product Printed Pocket

Quality Controls

Since Benchmark FR was founded in 2002, we’ve never had a recall of any of our products. We can attribute that to tight controls we have put in place, including manufacturing in-house. When an FR brand is sourcing from a factory that is around the word, it makes it a lot more difficult to control the quality of the fabrics, garments, and FR performance.

Benchmark FR Serial Number example

Leaders in Traceability

We are so zealous about the quality of our products that we were the first FR company to develop a comprehensive tracking program.

Each Benchmark FR garment has its own serial number. We know everything there is to know about the quality of the garment you receive. If there ever were a problem, we would be able to isolate the fabric rolls, production run, garments and who they were shipped to.

The FR brands that source and manufacture abroad do not have this kind of control on their process.

Made In California

CMTC (California Manufacturing Technology Consulting) recognizes Benchmark FR for doing our part in keeping manufacturing in California. CTMC recognizes Benchmark FR's contribution to the growth of California's economy, our dedicated involvement with continuous improvement and for participating in the manufacturing community.