Is Your FR uniform Tax Deductible?

This is a conversation worth having with your tax preparer this year. They will be able to determine the prerequisites necessary to itemize your FR uniforms. Is it a consumable? Is it worn on the job or for personal use? Is it required by your employer? These questions and more will determine eligibility.

Most likely deductible: Arc & Flame Resistant Clothing is considered PPE, just like hard hats, boots and face masks. Many employers require employees to wear flame resistant clothing at the jobsite. There is a good chance your Benchmark FR clothing can be itemized, and you can deduct the cost of your FR clothing, if you are purchasing it for work yourself. You should have paid for your FR clothing either directly or through a pay deduction. If you need help finding your Benchmark FR receipt, email us for help

Probably not deductible: If you are not required to wear FR clothing/PPE at work, your FR might not be eligible. If you just like wearing cool American made Benchmark FR, and it's not required by your employer, then you want to check with your tax person before deducting it. If your company issues your FR uniform and you are not paying for it personally, then you most likely cannot deduct it.

Consult your tax preparer for guidance on itemizing your FR today.