Product Information & Instructions

Interested in finding out how to launder your Benchmark FR garment?  Looking for our warranty or shipping information?  You can find it all right here.

Fit Guide: Not sure what size is right for you. Our Fit Guide can help you determine which size is right for you.

Care & Wash Instructions: Unlike many other brands, you can safely wash your Benchmark FR clothing items and accessories in a regular wash. Our Care & Wash guide will show you how to keep your items looking great.

Alterations & Custom Sizes: Need a really large size or just get a pair of pants hemmed up? Since we are a manufacturer, we can do a lot of things that larger brands can't or won't. Find out more.

Skin Safe FR Clothing: When you buy a clothing item, especially a piece of safety clothing, you wouldn't expect it to give you a rash would you? However, it happens more than you think. Find out more about our Skin Safe FR clothing and accessories.

Embroidery Customization: Nobody wants to look like everybody else, even at work. We can embroider and customize your FR clothing and accessories so you can stand out from the crowd.

Custom HiVis FR Striping:  We are able to apply multiple striping styles and patterns to mee your unique requirements

Benchmark FR User Information Guide:

Shipping & Returns Information regarding shipping and returns to Benchmark FR.