5% for America

 There is less than a 5% price difference between Made in USA and Imported FR clothing. And in many cases, American Made flame resistant clothing costs even less than the equivalent imported product. How is this possible? Popular brands know they can charge a premium to add their logo to a cheaper imported FR product. Customers may blindly pay more for “western" styling on their FR, not realizing it’s imported. 

Cost difference is not the main issue. Lack of commitment to manufacturing in the US is.  Manufacturers who build factories, invest in machinery, and hire workers with competitive compensation do the heavy lifting most FR brands won’t. Importing from a foreign manufacturer is easy; investing in American workers and American infrastructure is a commitment. 

Most of the flame-resistant fabrics found in the market originate from the United States. These materials and are often shipped to duty free countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, or Haiti to be sewn and later imported back the United States where third-party warehouses ship it to consumers. Popular FR brands will bear American flag labels which say “U.S.A. Fabric” while the shirt itself has been sewn offshore. An equivalent FR product, made in the USA, may still be overshadowed because of consumer brand recognition. 

Don’t Be Misled! The largest brands of FR clothing, particularly western wear, are all made in low-cost labor countries so the brand can have a higher profit margin. If you have a favorite American Flag FR t-shirt, check the label because it’s probably imported. The next time you see an FR clothing brand at the rodeo, or on a commercial during an NFL game, just remember they could have supported American manufacturing. Instead, they have chosen to have someone sewing, or printing an American Flag onto a foreign made shirt because of profits. 

Fact: We are the only FR manufacturer that makes 100% of its products in the USA. 

Check your labels.  Support Made in the USA, not just USA brands.