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curtis bull grunt helms

If there is such a thing as a celebrity lineman, it would have to be Curtis "The Bull Grunt" Helms. His hilarious safety videos are favorites of the lineman community and if you have ever been to an event with him, chances are you won't make it more than four or five steps without someone wanting to say hello or get a photo taken.

He is funny and friendly but takes his job very seriously. He has been building powerline for more than 18 years and while his videos are always humorous, there is a very clear message...Be Safe!

How did you become a lineman?

Answer: Following in the footsteps of my dad.

What does the life of a lineman look like, work and home?

Answer: Constant change. We try to plan our next day out but if a car hits a pole, you have to constantly rearrange the day. You work in bad conditions. Ice storms are the worst. Climbing up a pole beating ice with a claw hammer. Right now, I work eight days on and six days off. The longest I’ve been away from my family is four months.

If there is a hurricane or disaster somewhere, I have to pack up and go there. I’ve learned that when I do spend time with my family, it’s not the quantity of time you spend but it is the quality of time. You make the most of the time when you can. You have to have a family that backs you.

Recently my five-year-old was riding in my truck. I had to remind him not to step on Daddy’s gloves because it they get a hole in them, I could get hurt. When I’m gone, my wife has to take care of everything so it is hard on the families as well.

Do you have a good job-related story?

Answer: I was electrocuted February 8, 2004. The operator rotated the boom tip digger truck into the primary and I got caught in the fault current. It locked me up. My back touched the truck. 7620 volts went in my shoulder and out my knee. I hurt for a month but never missed a day. You gotta be tough. You have to ask yourself am I gonna keep doing this or am I gonna give up.

Any advice for a prospective lineman?

Answer: Don’t do some much talking. Listen. Everyone has your best interests at heart so don’t get your feelings hurt if they are hard on you. we want to make sure you make it home safely. It is a hard life. If you mess up, you don’t get a second chance. You can get killed on the ground just as easy as you can in the air. If you are thinking about how much you miss your family or how dangerous the work is, then you aren’t thinking about what you should be doing.

Any final thoughts?

Answer: I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love building power line. It is a career, it is a passion. We do something that only about two percent of the population knows how to do. Every lineman is a brother. I’d do anything for them and they would do the same for me.


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Measure Your Body


From a standing position, measure the circumference of your upper body at the fullest part of your chest, typically just under the arm pit.


Bend your elbow as shown. Start at the center back of your neck and measure across the shoulder, around the elbow and to your wrist.


Measure around your natural waist where your pants sit most comfortably. Alternatively, you can look at the tag in the pants you are wearing.


Remove your shoes and measure from your crotch to your ankle.

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Men's Pants & Jeans [ Work Fit]

Size W30 W32 W34 W36 W38 W40 W42 W44 W46 W48
Measured Waist, Inches 30-31 1/2 32-33 1/2 34-35 1/2 36-37 1/2 38-39 1/2 40-41 1/2 42-43 1/2 44-45 1/2 46-47 1/2 48-49 1/2
Pant Waist Circumference, Inches 31 1/2 33 1/2 35 1/2 37 1/2 39 1/2 41 1/2 43 1/2 45 1/2 47 1/2 49 1/2
Pant Low Hip Circumference, Inches 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 1/2 55 57 59
Inseam Length All pants are hemmed to length. Specify inseam length or X-Short (28"), Short (30"), Regular(32"), Long (34"), X-Long (36").

Men's Button Up Shirts [Work Fit]

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Measured Chest, Inches 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 62-64
Shirt Chest Circumference, Inches 45 47 49 51 1/2 55 59 63 67
Shirt Sleeve Length, Inches 33 1/2 34 1/2 35 35 3/4 35 3/4 35 3/4 35 3/4 35 3/4
Shirt Back Length, Inches 29 30 31 31 1/2 32 33 33 1/2 33 3/4
Tall Shirt Sleeve Length, Inches     36 1/2 37 1/4 37 1/4      
Tall Shirt Back Length, Inches     32 32 1/2 33      

Men's 2nd Skin Shirt [Base Layer Fit]

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Measured Chest, Inches 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 62-64
Shirt Chest Circumference, Inches 41 1/2 43 1/2 45 1/2 48 51 1/2 55 1/2 59 1/2 63 1/2
Shirt Sleeve Length, Inches 33 3/4 34 1/8 35 1/8 35 3/2 35 3/8 35 3/8 35 3/4 35 3/8
Shirt Back Length, Inches 28 29 30 31 31 31 3/4 31 3/4 32 1/2

Men's Sweatshirts [Work Fit]

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Measured Chest, Inches 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 62-64
Sweatshirt Chest Circumference, Inches 44 46 48 50 54 58 62 64
Sweatshirt Sleeve Length, Inches 34 3/4 35 1/2 36 1/4 37 37 37 37 37
Sweatshirt Back Length, Inches 28 29 29 1/2 30 30 1/4 31 1/2 32 3/2 33

Men's Jackets [Outerwear Fit]

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Measured Chest, Inches 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56 58-60 62-64
Jacket Chest Circumference, Inches 48 50 52 54 3/4 58 1/2 62 1/2 66 1/2 70 1/2
Jacket Sleeve Length, Inches 33 1/4 33 1/2 35 35 3/4 35 7/8 35 7/8 36 3/8 36 3/8
*Jacket Back Length, Inches 28 1/4 28 1/4 28 3/4 28 3/4 29 1/4 29 1/4 29 3/4 29 3/4

*Shows Insulated Bomber Jacket (6008FR) length. Add 2" for Insulated Parka (6015FR) Length.

Our Fit Defined

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Outerwear Fit

Can be worn over a base layer, work shirt or combination of both and still provides room for movement.

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Work Fit

Designed to be worn over a base layer or t-shirt. Has extra room around arm pit and chest for ease of mobility. Extra body length ensures shirt stays tucked in.

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Base Layer Fit

Fits like a comfortable t-shirt. Sits closer to the body but is not snug like athletic wear. Extra body length ensures shirt stays tucked in.



If you have a need for custom fitting FR we can help make code compliant and custom clothing to fit.

The easiest way to make your custom size is for you to send us a “like” garment which we measure, create a custom pattern and then manufacture your custom fit FR. By a “like” garment we mean if you want a button up shirt send us your favorite non-FR button up shirt. Within a week we will send back your garment after taking its specifications. A few weeks later three sets of your soon to be favorite FR clothing will arrive at your door!


In most cases, your t-shirt size will directly correspond to the size of Benchmark FR shirt or outwear you normally wear.


We can help! If you are currently wearing another FR brand we can easily determine what Benchmark FR size will fit closest to your garment. Most FR brands vary in fit and sizing may not be consistent between brands. Problem Solved; just tell us what brand and size you are wearing and we can tell you the Benchmark FR size that corresponds directly to that brand. Please call (888) 360-0663.